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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Email addresses can they be linked to outlook ? If you wish to forward a document, do you export, then attach file to email in outlook and send?

Sending documents out of PaperAct can be achieved in several ways.
1) Send document as a link. Select document(s), click on Actions, Select the Send action. This will launch your outlook and populate the email message with the secure links.
Note, that first time that you run this feature your computer browser will prompt you to allow/block access to your outlook. You must select Allow:
2) Send Document as Email attachment. Using this feature PaperAct will send a document on your behalf. You can only send one document at a time.
You do this by selecting the document, click on Actions, select the Send action and click on the 'Send Document As Email Attachment'
3) When you are in document properties view, you can launch the PDF version of the document and then from your PDF reader select File --> Email
Let us know how you go.

Cloud based filing system using tags to group like documents; how many “tags” can we create? And can we change the name?

You are correct. Tags are like 'Labels' giving you a much more flexible way to group, file, search and retrieve documents.  
You can change the Tag Lists headings by clicking on the 'Manage Smart Tags' at the top menu , then select the 'Change List Tags Label' tab (the most right tab).
Change the labels and save your changes. You will find that it will be reflected now in your filing cabinet.
Some more 'light reading' on the topic can be found here:
p.s. you can tag documents when sending them to PaperAct using an email without accessing PaperAct. See how:
Also, you can have as many tags that you think it's appropriate to file and retrieve your documents.

NCF Technology – Samsung introduced tectiles – what PaperAct can do with this?

Iphone starter guide – how to?

Launch PaperAct

Install the latest version of PaperAct from the iphone/ipad app store / istore. Once installed, click on the PaperAct link to launch the application. Once PaperAct App is launched, you’ll be presented with the main menu which enables you to:
Capture and Upload Documents (use this option to take a photo and upload to the cloud)
Select and Upload Documents (use this option to select a document from your gallery or icloud and upload to the cloud)
Access my Filing Cabinet – to use your cloud based electronic filing cabinet
Select an image to upload
If this is the first time that you’re using PaperAct you’ll be prompt to create an account or to login. Note: tick the Stay Signed in will make it easier to use the app in the future
Upload the selected document
At this stage you can Name, Date and tag your document or just upload it by clicking on the Save button:
Your document now will be uploaded to your account
PaperAct will acknowledge the loaded document with a message saying 'New Document Uploaded Successfully'  

[edit]Use My PaperAct

Store, Organize, Access, Search all your documents
Select Access Electronic Filing Cabinet button:
If this is the first time that you’re using Use My PaperAct you’ll be prompt to create an account or to login. Note: tick the Stay Signed in will make it easier to use the app in the future
PaperAct Main Menu
Use the options in this menu you can access your documents by:
• Searching based on Content, Tags, Content and Tags, Dates and more
• User --> Cabinet --> Folder View
• Tags View

How do I use my smart phone to capture documents?

  • Install PaperAct EFC Smartphobne app from:
   Apple iStore
   Android Market
   WebOs Catalog
  • Launch your PaperAct app
  • Create a new user OR use your Login Name and Password to login
  • Select Add New Document to capture a document using your smartphone camera phone
  • Capture the document using your smartphone camera
  • Select Save to save the document and upload it to your cloud account
  • PaperAct will acknowledge that a new document has been created
See wiki website for a more detailed answer with screenshots and video guides