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Customers testimonials and success stories

Melbourne’s Princes Park Motor Inn

We’ve found PaperAct to be a great improvement over our old office systems, which were storing documents in hardcopy and in email archives. PaperAct provides us with an easy to use document repository that we can access remotely if need be from anywhere. It has allowed us to get rid of masses of documents that we were having trouble finding space storing, as well as providing easier access in the case of accessing our archives. I would recommend PaperAct to anyone who wants to improve their document management system by saving space and reducing the time needed to access information. Robert and Emanuel Datt – Melbourne’s Princes Park Motor Inn


Balwyn High School

I am writing to let you know how impressed we are at Balwyn High School with the PaperAct system. We are a very large government school with nearly 2000 students and required an easier more up to date way of storing our archives. The system is affordable and does not require a large space to install. Since we had the storage system installed in November 2011, it has proved its worth on many occasions. The computerised database makes life so much easier and you can find what you are looking for easily. Our Archive room was near to capacity and now all student records on exit are scanned and no extra  room is required for cumbersome boxes. I also find that Gil  at PaperAct  is  very approachable and ready to help with queries. I recently telephoned with a query and he had no hesitation in  making a time to come out to the school. Your sincerely, Julie M, Archivist, Balwyn High School  

Heritage Intelligence Pty Ltd

We work from a Home Office and PaperAct has enabled us to make quick and searchable copies of a huge range of documents, including letters, maps,  architectural drawings, photos and historic documents. Now we have removed 14 filing cabinets from our living room, without sacrificing the data that they held. Our scanned documents are easily backed up and accessible. Our office not only looks streamlined, the process of retrieving the data and using it for letters, information or forwarding in emails, etc, is more more efficient too. Thanks PaperAct from the Heritage Intelligence team.    

Southern Cross Computer Systems

Our Business Problem: Mark Kalmus from Southern Cross Computer Systems was saying about PaperAct: “Amazingly, we’re a successful IT company and yet the operational part of our business always seemed to be bogged down managing ever increasing amounts of paper documents…” “To make matters worse, information critical to our business operations comes to us in many forms including faxes, emails, email attachments, paper documents and more recently html content…Handling all these disparate document sources and associating, organising, actioning and filing them was proving to be more than a simple challenge…So much time was being spent printing, collating, distributing, filing and retrieving documents that our operation productivity and effectiveness was being seriously undermined” The Solution The PaperAct EFC seemed to be a perfect fit for our requirements. It ships as a plug-and-play appliance with minimum installation or integration requirements…” “The solution is extremely cost effective and comes as a fully supported service. System Administration requirements are simple and easy so our operation staff are able to own and run the system themselves. The system is easily extensible and supports distributed scanning stations. The ability to name, tag and file documents directly at the point of scan is an important time saver.”


Zail Hearing Care – an Attune Company

Business Problem Management at Zail Hearing Care recognised that there were significant  number of areas within their audiological tests and approval processes  that needed improvements in order to increase productivity and  communication within the business. In addition, having a lot of paper  based documents, coming from various areas of the business created not  only a space problem but also made it hard to stay compliant with record  keeping regulation.  “Our main problem was time spent on collating audiological tests and  sending them to Ear Nose and Troths (ENT) specialists for review and sign- off. Once the response from the specialists was received, we then had to update our systems and file both the test and the test review.A lot of time and resources were being spent printing, collating, distributing, filing and retrieving documents that our back-office operation productivity and effectiveness was being seriously undermined”. In addition, “…a number of mistakes were being made, levels of staff frustration were increasing and the performance and cost impacts were increasing…to make matters even worse, our growth was demanding more and more productive space which was being overtaken with filing cabinets and yet-to-be filed boxes of documents” Solution Zail Hearing Care took up PaperAct Electronic Filing Cabinet (EFC) in a breeze. PaperAct securely stores and files ALL their documents including – Electronic Documents, Emails, Email Attachments, Faxes and, most importantly, Paper Documents, which it automatically converts into Electronic Format.
  • Zail are utilising the PaperAct Selective Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine to automatically file all their patients audio-logical tests based on the patient name, date of birth and date of visit.
  • Zail are utilising the PaperAct Remote Scanning Module to scan from all their branches to a centralised PaperAct Appliance.
  • Zail are also heavily using the PaperAct Sending of Secure Link feature to electronically sending links to patients Audiological tests to the ENT Specialist for approval. The Specialist is then sending a reply email to PaperAct which acknowledges and approves the tests results.

Cloud and iTunes Testimonial

Just a short note to advise you of my complete satisfaction with PacerAct. It is fantastic having removed the need to store documents and it files all my paperwork and other documentation. It saves me many hours of searching for old Receipts and Legal documents and accounts. It saves a lot of time preparing and forwarding Tax returns, it is time saving for my accountants. Lastly you service and Help when I have run into a problem has been outstanding ,you have been exceptional . I recommend PaperAct with complete confidence and am a very happy user. Milton H. Self-Funded Retiree


What a great product! I had a problem with storage of old files that I was unable to discard. After hearing about PaperAct I reluctantly went ahead and purchased it. I now don’t know what my reluctance was based on! It’s a great product – easy to use, easy to retrieve documents and so portable – gaining access to important files from my laptop, iPad or phone. I also use it at home, easily making my office paperless. No more tax stuff hanging around shelves for years. Thanks for your innovation (and the constant upgrades and great service). by Two thumbs up!! Thanks


Cosmetic Dental and Implant Centre

Our Business Problem: Dr Hillel New from CDIC: “We were looking to implement a solution that will reduce the paper-handling and save space at our back-office while our dental clinic is rapidly growing. As simple as that!” The Solution PaperAct EFC – “At first, like all things, it took a bit of getting used to not having paper in ones hands. But the system is really easy to use and it made a huge difference clearing up space for us and quickly and easily finding the documents we need and all the documents they relate to. It’s definitely helping with productivity and the frustration of looking for documents and not being able to find what one needed is gone….and that great.” You Can Download the following Case Studies and Whitepapers:   Bookmark the permalink.

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