PaperAct Electronic Filing – Your own Cloud in your own Office

Replace your filing cabinets with the PaperAct EFC – a cost effective, powerful, feature rich solution for archiving, imaging, filing , retrieving and on-line accessing of ALL your documents.
PaperAct Small Appliance

PaperAct Small Appliance - $3,800 ex GST

Paperact Office Appliance

Paperact Office Appliance - $4,800 ex GST

 High Speed Scanning and imaging Solution PaperAct utilises high speed Fujitsu scanners, PaperAct EFC is the ultimate solution that saves you time, money and space. No other solution competes with the PaperAct EFC productivity and return on investment.

The PaperAct EFC is a dedicated, multi-user, appliance connected to your local area network at your office.

The PaperAct EFC delivers direct business benefits by increasing your productivity and efficiency as well as ensuring greatly improved document security, compliance, control and access.

The PaperAct EFC Appliance is provided as a fully supported solution. For as little as $3,800 ex GST, the PaperAct EFC delivers a centralised intelligent on-line electronic document store.

The PaperAct EFC will immediately assist you to reduce the complexity and cost of managing, filing and storing ALL your disparate documents:

Increased Document Security  – PaperAct is a multi-user system with password access control. Users or accounts can be set up as Read Only, Private or General Access.

Increased Document Integrity  – Through use of advanced electronic filing techniques including content indexing, Optical Character Recognition, Document Tagging and Document Properties, documents can never be lost or misfiled. A powerful “Google-Like” Search engine allows documents to be retrieved and located easily by reference to names, dates, content key words, tags, notes in any combination. In addition the EFC provides powerful functions for associating, linking and combining filed documents.

Improved Document Access – The PaperAct EFC is a multi-user system which provides local and remote access to all your documents from any device using a browser. The EFC automatically detects if your device is a PC or mobile device and provides the optimum Web interface for fast and easy access.

Improved Document Sharing and Communication – Any documents filed in the EFC can be shared with or communicated to any external parties through the use of security encrypted hyperlinks which can be emailed to them. Number of document downloads and the life of the hyperlink can be set and controlled by the EFC user.

Powerful Paperless Office Functionality – The EFC Appliance supports direct attached and remote scanners for processing and electronic filing of all paper based documents. The unique Interactive Scanner Touch Tablet Interface enables scanner and document properties to be set and controlled. Documents can be immediately scanned and filed directly into the EFC from the point of scan. Document content is automatically OCR’d and indexed for filing and retrieval. The selective OCR function can be used to automatically identify key words for reference and searching such as Invoice Number, Customer Name and so on.

Electronic Form Processing – Registration and other manually completed forms can be processed on touch tablets directly into the EFC, eliminating the need for inefficient and inaccurate transcription of form data. Completed Forms can be signed manually and digitally on the touch tablets and automatically imaged and filed in the EFC for legal record keeping.

Document Archiving – The EFC is the ideal platform for organising and managing the filing and archiving of all your electronically filed documents. Automated local and remote backup functions ensure that all electronically filed documents are protected. Scalable capacity and performance allow for documents to remain on-line and accessible at all times. No longer do documents need to be physically archived or stored off-site. Search filters allow for electronically filed documents to be “logically” archived.

Disaster Recovery – The automated backup functions of the EFC make it easy to backup all electronically filed documents and their properties locally and remotely so that the EFC can be quickly and fully recovered in the event of a natural disaster. Importantly, the nature of the underlying EFC  technology and platform  enables the EFC data to be re-constituted anywhere providing users on-line access to their documents – even remote from themselves.

Business Record Keeping Compliance – The EFC facilitates the easy and ongoing filing and storing or all documents in a centralised, structured, intelligent electronic document store. All important personal and business records can be efficiently and safely filed and stored on the EFC for on-line and later reference and retrieval. The powerful “Google-like” search engine and electronic filing functions allow documents to be easily and quickly located, viewed, shared and communicated, thereby empowering people and business to have full and ongoing control and access to all of the documents.

The PaperAct EFC is an extremely cost effective, fully supported easy to install and use solution for small to medium size businesses or workgroups of larger organizations. Contact us to find out more about how Doctors, Medical Clinics, Real Estate Agents, Bookkeepers, Accounts Departments, Executive Offices, Board Members, Small and Mid-Size Manufacturers, Administration Departments, Dispatch Departments, Research Workgroups and more are all benefiting by using the EFC to electronically file and process ALL their important electronic and paper-based documents.

With PaperAct EFC you can directly scan and organise All your paper-based documents (which the EFC automatically converts to electronic format) faxes, email, email attachments and electronic files for easy reference and retrieval from any PC, Tablet or mobile phone using a browser.