PaperAct Electronic Filing Cabinet (EFC) in the Cloud

File ALL your documents securely in the Cloud so that you can View, Organise and Share them – From Anywhere, At Anytime Using Any Device.

PaperAct Electronic Filing Cabinet (EFC) is an intelligent centralised electronic document store in the Cloud which securely files ALL your documents including – Electronic Documents, Emails, Email Attachments, Faxes and Paper based Documents which are automatically converted into Electronic Format. The EFC is a State-Of-The-Art Cloud based application running over the internet, so no additional software needs to be loaded. Just launch your Browser from your Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook or PC and All your documents are immediately available for viewing, organising and sharing –        Right at your fingertips! Documents are easily added directly to your EFC from Anywhere, by Uploading them, Emailing them, Creating them On-the-Fly, photographing them using your Smartphone or Tablet or Scanning them from any scanner which is attached to your network or PC. The EFC uniquely allows you to Name, Tag and Date your Documents as well as select the Destination Folder, set Reminder Notifications and attach Notes as you add them to the EFC. Your Documents, and their Properties, are immediately filed for retrieval exactly as you want them to be. In addition, the Content and Properties of all documents are automatically indexed into the EFC search engine so that you can instantly find the documents you are looking for by using the powerful EFC Search Function and searching based on Content and Properties in any combination. The EFC also automatically converts every supported document into a searchable industry standard PDF format, as well as storing it in its native format, so that all documents can be easily viewed and shared universally. Secure document hyperlinks can be emailed to others, directly from the EFC, allowing them to view, download and action those documents from any device they are using. With the EFC you will no longer have to worry about where your documents are stored or waste time searching through local drives, network drives, email folders or physical filing cabinets. Simply launch a browser and log into your EFC. The EFC provides powerful features and functions for organising, arranging, associating and categorising your documents ensuring fast, efficient and effective access to the specific documents you need. The PaperAct EFC is also available to Small Office, Home Office and Small to Medium Size Business as a fully supported appliance which connects directly to their private network. In addition to all the functionality available in the EFC Cloud, the EFC Appliance also supports multiple concurrent users, support for direct attached scanners and high speed connection over their Local Area Network.  

Save Time, Save Space, Save Money

All Your Documents Anywhere, Anytime Using Any Device