Electronic Filing Cabinet in the Cloud or on premise
Scan, Email, Manage ALL Your Documents

Enables you to:
  • Scan to the cloud from your browser!
  • Email important emails and attachments directly to your cloud account.
  • Drag and Drop your document to the cloud.
  • Capture documents using your smart phone … and much more.
*No credit card required
 Scan to the cloud from your browser! Yes, you can scan directly into your PaperAct cloud account using your multifunction device or connected scanner directly into the cloud.   PaperAct EFC gives you the ultimate control over your file keeping that also saves you time, saves you money and saves you space, no other solution competes with the PaperAct which is your Filing Cabinet in the cloud.
  • No additional Client Software required to access PaperAct. Can access via any device running a supported Browser
  • PaperAct is accessible on-line – a true cloud solutions
  • Interactive Scanner Interface for full control of Scanner and ability to pre-emptively assign document properties
  • Supports Remote scanners connected to a Windows PC or EFC ScanStation using the Interactive Scanner Interface
  • Accepts incoming emails with attachments
  • Supports remote direct printing using ePrint
  • Allows documents to be emailed out as hyperlinks or as attachments (Provides access and time control on hyperlinks)
  • Accepts and processes scanned documents from remote scanners using scan-to-email and scan-to-fax
  • Powerful and unique associative and tagging functions to enhance organising and filing of documents – “Paper-Clipping”, “Stapling” and Structured Tagging functions
  • Selective automatic OCR scanning and Document Tagging
  • Google-like search engine which uses document content and document properties including tagging to quickly locate and view documents
  • Document Reminder functions via email which include document hyperlinks for rapid access to relevant documents on-line
  • Multi-User application – Advanced access control features and functions (Admin Users, General Users, Private Users, Read Only Users, Shared Tags, Personal Tags etc)
  • Optimised Mobile Interface via Web Browser
  • Integrated FormStation for direct input of Form Data, automatic “snap-shot” imaging of signed form , delimited form data
  • Support for incoming mailbox for direct processing of emails and attachments
  • Import of electronic files (large range of common file formats supported)
  • Advanced Tagging capability for multi-dimensional filing and retrieving of documents
  • Powerful navigation and document viewing and parsing capabilities
  • “Real-World” document organising functions including stapling, paper-clipping and email reminders
  • Searchable Document Notes capability
  • Ability to create documents “on-the-fly” using standard keyboard entry or copy-paste functions
  • Advanced Multi-user access and security functions for effective sharing of documents for viewing and filing
  • Pre-emptive assignment of Document Properties at point of scan via sophisticated touch screen interface
  • Ability to set and control area of scan and OCR area at point of scan
  • Automatic Document Tagging/Filing based on recognised scanned text
  • Ability to email documents and control access using document hyperlinks
  • Ability to integrate with other line of business applications using hyperlinks into PaperAct
  • Flexible and powerful automatic local and off-site backup capabilities
  • Ability to export documents with their complete assigned Document Properties.

PaperAct EFC Cloud Service

Other Cloud Offerings (e.g. Google Docs)

Interactive Scanner Interface

Not available

Email upload

Not available

Smart Tagging and Organising mechanism

Folder structure only

Documents Stapling

Not available

Documents Paper Clipping

Not available

Email and Popup Reminders

Not available

Search by content and Meta data

Content only

Automatic and intelligent naming and tagging of documents

Not available

EFC Coupled Connection – supports any scanner connected to a PC

Not available

Ability to Integrate with other Line of Business Application


Ability to group and action documents using Basket

Not available

Package and Export documents

Download only

Send documents as secure hyperlinks controlled by number of

Not available

Import and Export documents with meta data downloads and time

Export only

PaperAct in the Cloud pricing:

Forever Free

4 Draws

Serious Filer

Totally Free Forever

$ 14.90/month

$ 49.90/month










600 Mb

1200 Mb






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